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The levels of language competency are based on the EU methodology - CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference). The description of each level can be found here >>

Test your English through the self-evaluation table which can be found here >>

Advanced user

C2 Easily understands everything what he/she hears or reads. Can summarize information from various spoken or written sources while able to carry out disputes and present explanations in a logically built up presentation. Can express himself/herself spontaneously, smoothly and precisely and distinguish between shades of meaning even in difficult situations.

C1 Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and distinguish implicit meanings. Can express himself/herself smoothly and spontaneously without visibly looking for expressions. Can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic or professional purposes. Can create and understandable well built up and detailed text on complex issues while demonstrating compositional techniques, connectors and means of cohesion.

Independent user

B2 Understands the main ideas of a complex text both on concrete and abstract topics, including professional discussions on topics of his/her expertise. Communicates on such a level of smoothness and spontaneity which enables to carry our every day conversations with native speakers without extra effort from either of the participants of the interaction. He/she is able to create a clear and detailed text on various topics and explain his/her viewpoints on up-to-date topics including the pros and contras ov various alternatives.

B1 He/she understands the main points of clear input information on known topics which he/she faces at work, at school in his/her free time, etc. He/she is able to get oriented in most situations which may occur during travel in the region where the given language is used. He/she is able to create a simple text on topics which are known to him/her or in which he/she shows interest. He/she can describe his/her experience and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and concisely justify his/her views and opinions.

User of the basic language

A2 He/she understands sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas directly affecting him/her (e.g., basic information about self, about the family, shopping, local geography and about work). He/she is able to communicate in simple and routine tasks demanding a simple and direct exchange of information on known a everyday affairs. Using simple expressions, he/she can describe his/her family background, close neighbourhood and affairs related to his/her most immediate needs.

A1 He/she understands everyday expressions and very basic phrases whose purpose is to satisfy concrete needs and is able to use those expressions and phrases. He/she is able to introduce himself/herself and others and is able to ask questions and respond to questions on personal data, e.g.- where she/he lives, about the people he/she knows, and about things he/she has. He/she can make herself understood provided that the communication partner speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help him/her.

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